Starting any new project of this scale is daunting. There are many moments of doubt and uncertainty so it is always helpful to have people who believe in your vision and are willing to support the project in whatever way they are able. Therefore, with much gratitude I’d like to acknowledge the following people who have helped and continue to help make this film a reality.

  • Amal Prasad
  • Sheryl Leighton
  • Christina Gore
  • Erica Meier
  • Jonathan Rosenberry
  • Mike Wolf
  • Lewis Crary
  • Marilyn Cornelius
  • Nassim Nobari
  • Chema Hern├índez Gil
  • Carolyn Scott
  • Valerie Benkie
  • Jacinda Virgin
  • Laurie Roth
  • lauren Ornelas
  • Wade Spital
  • Hope Bohanec